MAX10 System-on-Modle (SoM)

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Board Category: Production Ready Board

Components & Interface: Expansion: Generic, HSMC; Industry Standard: RS232, USB Device; Video: ASI

End Market: Automotive, Computer & Storage, Industrial, Wireless, Wireline

Technology: DSP, Embedded Design, General Purpose, Interface Protocols

MAX Series: Intel® MAX® 10: Intel® MAX® 10 DA

Board Feature: General User IO: Dip Rocker Switch, LED, Push Button


The MAX10 System on Module is a board level solution for applications which require an FPGA. It is suitable for both development work on a bench top or embedding into products for production. The Zephyr/Falcon Nano MAX10-SoM provides all the functionality of the Intel 10M08DAF256I7G and has built in clocks, power supplies, USB, WiFi and connectors. It can save system and design engineers months of development time. To better meet the needs for specific applications and bring down costs for production quantities, standard configuration options available for the MAX10-SoM are: - 2k, 8k and 50k logic elements, - USB, Bluetooth, Ethernet and/or Audio, - USB Blaster, - LEDs and switches, and - 40 pin header, HSMC and/or FMC connectors. Custom configurations of hardware and software are available through Zephyr Engineering and Falcon Nano. With a temperature rating of -40 to 185°F (-40 to +85°C), specific applications include: industrial IoT, cubesats, automotive (Grade 3 & 4), drones, etc.

Order Information

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Development Kit Hardware Contents

  • MAX10-SoM
  • MAX10-SoM Manual
  • Loopback Connector Test Board
  • 100-250VAC/5VDC Power Supply
  • MAX10-SoM Test Software on USB Flash Drive

Development Kit Software Contents

  • MAX10-SoM Test Program (installed on SoM)
  • MAX10-SoM Test Software on USB Flash Drive

Support Document

File Name
doc-us-dsnbk-29-0608481905313-manual-max10-som-r1-compressed.pdfMAX10-SoM User's Manual and Data Sheet1.1

Board Quality Metrics

Latest version of Quartus supported 18.0
Required Collateral Available
User Guide Y
Board Schematics N
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Defects per Million Opportunities (DPMO)

Parts per Million (PPM)
Board Policy
Return Material Authorization (RMA) Policy Customer to contact manufacturer with claim of defect in materials or workmanship within 90 days after the date of the product was purchased, as stated on the sales invoice. RMA # shall be provided for product return to manufacturer, transportation prepaid by the Customer. Manufacturer shall determine whether to repair, replace or refund.
RoHS Compliant N
CE Compliant N. CE Mark shall be obtained when marketing effort expands to Europe or North America, or customer has need.
Conflict Mineral Policy Compliant
Test Plan Summary

A burn-in/test for 100% functionality performed on each unit shipped. Process is completely automated using a MAX10-SoM programmed to perform the test. \n \nTest will be fully automated, including actuators to push and pull the dip switches. WiFi and USB communication between device under test and the testing module.

Additional Compliance
ISO 9000 & 9001; FCC (Federal Communications Commission)

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