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Solution Type: IP Core

End Market: Automotive, Broadcast, Computer & Storage, Consumer, Industrial, Medical, Military, Test & Measurement

Evaluation Method: OpenCore Plus

Technology: DSP: Video and Image Processing

Arria Series: Intel® Arria® 10, Arria® V, Intel® Arria® 10 SoC, Arria® V SoC

Cyclone Series: Cyclone® IV, Cyclone® V, Cyclone® V SoC

Stratix Series: Stratix® IV, Stratix® V


D/AVE HD (http://tes-dst.com/tes-dst/index.php/graphics-rendering/dave-hd?innerpage_style=1) is an evolution in the D/AVE family supporting high quality 2D rendering and basic 3D rendering for displays up to 4K x 4K. Targeting modern graphics applications on high resolution displays in the industrial, test&measurement, medical, military, avionics, automotive and consumer markets, D/AVE HD is designed to be fast with powerful functionality and at the same time optimized regarding size and footprint. D/AVE HD is available for both FPGA and ASIC integration with high customizability as well as scalability and a peak performance between 1 and 16 pixels per clock cycle. D/AVE HD offers several enhancements over the previous D/AVE 2D version as related to various blit operations, cache enhancements, texture pre-fetch, power management and system functionality.


  • High-quality 2D and basic 3D graphics functionality including engines rotation, composition and warping
  • OpenVG 1.1 API (optional)
  • Supports up to 4k x 4k resolutions
  • Hardware multi-threading and system security support
  • High performance pixel pipelines: Peak-performance up to 16 pixel per cycle

Device Utilization and Performance

50k LEs fully featured 30k LEs without OpenVG support (option) Performance up to 16 pixels per cycle. Typically 4 times faster than D/AVE 2D

Getting Started

Complete evaluation kit is available free of charge at http://tes-dst.com/tes-dst/index.php/graphics-rendering/dave-hd?innerpage_style=1 (Registration required)

IP Quality Metrics

Year IP was first released2012
Latest version of Quartus supported13.1
Altera Customer Use
IP has been successfully implemented in production with at least one customerN

Customer deliverables include the following:

  • Design file (encrypted source code or post-synthesis netlist)
  • Simulation model for ModelSim Altera edition
  • Timing and/or layout constraints
  • Testbench or design example
  • Documentation with revision control
  • Readme file
Any additional customer deliverables provided with IP
SoftDAVE (Pixel exact emulator for Windows PCs), Drivers and example programs
Parameterization GUI allowing end user to configure IPY
IP core is enabled for OpenCore Plus SupportY
Source language
Testbench languageVHDL
Software drivers providedY
Driver OS supportbare metal, Linux
User InterfaceAXI; Avalon-MM
IP-XACT Metadata includedN
Simulators supportedModeltech ModelSim, Cadence NCSim
Hardware validated Y. Altera Board Name VEEK-MT, VEEK-MT C5 SoC
Industry standard compliance testing performed
If yes, which test(s)?Spyglass, Cadence HAL
If yes, on which Altera device(s)?CIV, CV SoC
If Yes, date performed
IP has undergone interoperability testing
Interoperability reports available  N

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