DSN Member Profile: Tamba Networks

Tamba Networks


Tamba Networks is a leading intellectual property (IP) silicon core developer, founded in 2003, and based in Northern California, USA. Founders and employees have previously worked at top networking and FPGA companies: Cisco, Juniper and Intel FPGA®. Focused on building size and latency efficient IP for standard communications protocols. Main focus is Ethernet and Interlaken Protocols which were originally developed for the financial industry where low latency is crucial. A byproduct of low latency are extremely low gate count cores. Low gate count and large timing margins make designs much easier to implement at the lowest silicon cost.

Additional Services and Features

‧    Lowest latency in the market

‧    Smallest size in the market

‧    Scalable from 1Gbps to 400Gbps+

‧    Flexible IP to quickly adapt to any application.

Contact Information

129 Ravenswood Ct Petaluma, CA 94952
Petaluma, CA United States