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Softing Industrial Automation GmbH


Softing Industrial connects disparate automation components to feed data from the shop floor to the cloud for control and analytics. The company's products enable communication networks to be monitored and diagnosed to ensure a reliable flow of data, thereby creating the basis for optimizing production processes. Softing is a major player in the Industrial Ethernet area. Based on a deep experience gained through active participation in the standardization work and decades of communication development, Softing offers a global range of Industrial Ethernet products. These include protocol stacks and FPGA IP for device integration, configuration tools and gateways, targeted to end users as well as to OEM customers. Supplementary development services plus technology trainings are available.

Additional Services and Features

‧    Kick-Off Workshops for New Customer Developments

‧    Support During and After Development

‧    Pre-Certification Service for Preparation of Official Conformance Testing

Contact Information

Softing Industrial Automation GmbH
Richard-Reitzner-Allee 6
Haar, Germany
Tel:49 (89) 45656-340