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SoC Technologies


System-On-Chip Technologies provides high-performance H.264, MPEG-2, and H.265 CODEC IP Cores, CODEC Chipsets, and CODEC SOM Modules for hardware video/audio systems. Customers from 22 countries worldwide trust SOC high-performance all-hardware CODECS for critical and demanding video-based applications. SOC's all-hardware CODECS are recognised for having ultra-low latency, small footprint, and low power-consumption; all without sacrificing video quality.

Available Design Services

Design Services Device Family Country/Region Supported
Hardware Design: FPGA + CPU, Specification Development, System-Level Board design, FPGA, Timing Closure
Embedded Design: ARM* Applications
IP Integration
Software Design: Board Support Packages
Arria® V SoC, Cyclone® IV, Intel® Arria® 10 SoC, Cyclone® V, Arria® V, Intel® Arria® 10 APAC: South Korea, Hong Kong, China
Americas: Canada, United States

Additional Services and Features

‧    Ultra-low-latency Codecs for H.265, H.264, MPEG-2

Contact Information

60 Baffin Place
Waterloo, Ontario Canada