Dual S10 2800 Prodigy Logic System

From S2C Inc.

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Board Category: Production Ready Board, Development Kit

Components & Interface: Industry Standard: Ethernet, USB Device

End Market: Automotive, Broadcast, Computer & Storage, Consumer, Medical, Test & Measurement, Wireless, Wireline

Technology: ASIC Prototyping, General Purpose, Interface Protocols

Stratix Series: Intel® Stratix® 10: Intel® Stratix® 10 GX

Board Feature: General User IO: LED, Slider Switch


The Dual S10 2800 Prodigy Logic System is a complete and modular multi-FPGA prototyping solution based on Intel’s Stratix 10 GX2800 FPGA. The system has 1,792 general purpose I/Os and 40 high-speed transceivers on 16 high-speed connectors. The Dual S10 2800 Prodigy Logic System is well suited for real-time system validation and early software development. S2C’s 6th generation Prodigy Player Pro™ software technology enables users to perform an array of runtime features remotely through both Ethernet and USB. User also have access to the vast library of over 80 daughter cards to quickly build prototyping targets.

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Development Kit Hardware Contents

  • The Dual S10 2800 is shipped with a low-profile enclosure that includes all components – for maximum flexibility, durability, and portability.
  • The modular system can be extended and upgraded into a dual or quad system.

Development Kit Software Contents

  • Prodigy Player Pro Runtime Software for remote system control and monitoring.
  • Prodigy Player Pro Compile Software for multi-FPGA design partition and auto pin-multiplexing insertion (optional).
  • Prodigy Multi-Debug Module for multi-FPGA deep trace debugging (optional).

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Latest version of Quartus supported 18.0
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Conflict Mineral Policy Compliant
Test Plan Summary

Prodigy Player Pro Runtime Software includes self-tests, to isolate design issues from board issues conveniently; monitoring of on-board voltage, current and temperature; auto shut-down upon detection of over-current, over-voltage or over-temperature.

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