VF370 3U OpenVPX Single Board Computer (SBC) with Intel Atom SoC and Cyclone V FPGA (Air-cooled)

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Board Category: Production Ready Board

Components & Interface: Expansion: FMC, SPF Cage; Industry Standard: Ethernet, PCIE Edge, RS232, USB Device

End Market: Computer & Storage, Industrial, Military, Test & Measurement

Technology: DSP, Embedded Design, General Purpose, Interface Protocols

Cyclone Series: Cyclone® V: Cyclone® V GX

Board Feature: General User IO: LED


The VF370 is a 3U OpenVPX Single Board Computer (SBC) module that utilizes the Intel Atom® E39xx series of embedded processors, Intel Cyclone® V FPGA technology and a FMC mezzanine site, to provide a module with scalable processing power and flexible IO options for reduced Size, Weight and Power (SWaP) applications. It is available in standard air-cooled and rugged conduction-cooled versions. The single, dual and quad core Intel Atom® E39xx processors offer enhanced processing power in a compact, low-power package running at speeds of up to 2.0 GHz. It delivers enhanced reliability in extreme environments typically found in industrial, automotive and aerospace applications The combination of the Atom® processor and Cyclone® V FPGA provides a highly flexible architecture suited for applications requiring real-time FPGA pre-processing, followed by post-processing running on the Atom. Add a VITA 57 FMC site, and the VF370 yields a modular processing solution that accommodates a wide range of IO requirements through FMC mezzanine cards and by IP cores and/or custom user logic implemented in the FPGA The Cyclone® V FPGA with scalable logic and DSP resources, combined with external DDR3 memory, supports algorithms with large memory size and bandwidth requirements. A configurable PCIe interface supports different OpenVPX profiles at Gen 1 and Gen 2 speeds, allowing high data throughput into, and out of the VF370. The VF370 typically functions as a VPX system controller (PCIe Root Complex), but can also be a PCIe end-point module when plugged into a non-system slot. When in end-point mode, the VF370 implements a non-transparent PCIe bridge (NTB) on the backplane DP01 PCIe interface, while still being the Root Complex on DP02. The VF370 targets applications such as Rugged Mission Computers for aerospace, maritime and land systems, Ultra HD video and graphic processing, Industrial control, low-power (SWaP) and many others.

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Development Kit Hardware Contents

  • VF370 3U OpenVPX Module

Development Kit Software Contents

  • Linux OS
  • Board Support Package (BSP) with example software
  • Firmware Design Kit (optional)

Support Document

File Name
doc-us-dsnbk-48-4112121102557-vf370-um.pdfVF370 User manual01

Board Quality Metrics

Latest version of Quartus supported 16.1
Required Collateral Available
User Guide Y
Board Schematics N
Reliability / Quality Assurance

Defects per Million Opportunities (DPMO)

Parts per Million (PPM)
Board Policy
Return Material Authorization (RMA) Policy Warranty: Our standard warranty period is 12 months, with extended Warranty available on request. Repairs: Spare units may be provisioned for that can be made available for swop out of failed units during the warranty period. Out of warranty repairs will be quoted on a case by case basis as the type of failure and cost of repair first needs to be determined.
RoHS Compliant Y
CE Compliant N. CE compliance was not tested for.
Conflict Mineral Policy Compliant
Test Plan Summary

Board is shipped with a COC (certificate of conformance) \nBuild-in test (BIT) function tests all major board functions \nLinux test scripts are available to test board functions \nA VPX Test rack is available for testing and development purposes.

Additional Compliance
ISO 9000 & 9001

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