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iAbra delivers a best-in-class, end-to-end enterprise neural network creation platform. Pathworks toolkit provides all the integrated components you need to go from example data to high-performance, low latency, low power inference: Web UI, data annotation tools, scale out clustered neural network training, automatic network tuning, and an FPGA inference engine. iAbra Acceleration Advantages - Streaming live video/audio streams, low latency high throughput - High density, power efficiency enables small card form factors and multiple devices per PSU/chassis - Trained networks directly transferable to embedded devices, guaranteed stable mathematical precision iAbra advantages for enterprise - Automatic hyper parameter tuning end to end tool chain minimizes cost and risk to go from example data to deploy-able network - Scale out multi node many core+FPGA HPC training out of the box

Additional Services and Features

‧    AI solution design

‧    Neural network hands on training

‧    Dataset creation

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Toddington, Bedfordshire United Kingdom