HawkEye-CXP CoaXPress Frame Grabber and Image Processing Board

From Gidel, Inc.

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Board Category: Production Ready Board

Components & Interface: Industry Standard: PCIE Edge; Video: Camera

End Market: Automotive, Broadcast, Computer & Storage, Consumer, Industrial, Medical, Test & Measurement, Wireless

Technology: DSP, Embedded Design, General Purpose

Arria Series: Intel® Arria® 10: Intel® Arria® 10 GX

Board Feature: General User IO: LED


The Gidel HawkEye-CXP-12 CoaXPress frame grabbing and real-time image processing system provides the core infrastructure required to realize the most demanding vision and imaging applications. The HawkEye series offers a number of options to accommodate diverse application needs, from plug-and-play high-performance frame grabbers to a full system solution comprising acquisition, open-FPGA image processing, and flexible custom camera interface. The HawkEye-CXP is CoaXPress supports up to four CoaXPress (cXp-12/ cXp-6) links enabling connecting 1 - 4 CXP-12 cameras. The HawkEye-CXP family is based on PCIe Gen. 3 x8, providing CPU-free ultra-fast offload bandwidth. Large data buffers of up to 16 GB fortify the acquisition bandwidth and the image processing capabilities on powerful Arria 10 FPGA. The board is supported by the Gidel ProcVision Kit allowing users to tailor their Vision flows in an intuitive and simple manner by customizing both the software and the FPGA design code for different frame grabbing flavors. The kit includes the ProcFG and InfiniVision GUIs, APIs and supporting libraries. The Gidel Proc Dev Kit enables automatic generation of Application Support Packages (ASPs), and includes Gidel’s CamSim (camera simulator) as well as tools for debugging and verifying FPGA image processing IPs.

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Development Kit Hardware Contents

  • Grabbing from up to 4 cXp cameras via 4x cXp-12 links
  • Host interface: PCIe Gen. 3 x8
  • I/O Capabilities: RS422, Opto-couplers, Current sink drivers, Bi-directional GPIOs
  • Optional: open-FPGA pipeline flow for adding user image processing IPs
  • Some of Gidel Vision IPs: ProcFG , InfiniVision for Multi-Camera acquisition, TotalHistory embedded logic analyzer, JPEG and Lossless compression

Development Kit Software Contents

  • ProcVision Suite for accelerated development, customization, debugging and verification of Vision/Imaging systems
  • Tools for simplifying and reducing time to develop on FPGA by 50% and beyond
  • ProcFG frame grabbing GUI and API suite + InfiniVision for grabbing and synchronizing multi-cameras
  • Supports GenICam’s GenTL API and third-party software, including
  • Support for HalconTM machine vision software

Support Document

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doc-us-dsnbk-3-5202202706300-hawkeye-cxp-data-sheet.pdfHawkEye-CXP Data Sheet1

Board Quality Metrics

Latest version of Quartus supported 18.0
Required Collateral Available
User Guide N
Board Schematics N
Reliability / Quality Assurance

Defects per Million Opportunities (DPMO)

Parts per Million (PPM)
Board Policy
Return Material Authorization (RMA) Policy 1 Year Warranty
RoHS Compliant Y
CE Compliant N. Certification is in process
Conflict Mineral Policy Compliant
Test Plan Summary

ProcFG and InfiniVision GUI to test and display image grabbing + Diagnostics application for testing the board's functionality

Additional Compliance
ISO 9000 & 9001

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