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Gidel, Inc.


Gidel was founded in 1993 as a high-end system development and integration company. With our project-level approach, we created powerful and advanced tools for high-performance system development which we believed would be valuable to others. In 1997, we began providing our in-house development systems to the industry. We have since been continuously developing innovative FPGA based re-configurable systems and development tools for diverse applications.Gidel specializes in high-performance grabbing and real-time processing continuously providing best-in-market imaging and vision performance. We offer standard grabbers and camera simulators as well as flexible platforms and innovative tools enabling customization such as interfacing to a custom camera, adding user algorithms. Gidel's dedicated support and its products' performance, ease-of-use and long-life cycle have been well appreciated by satisfied customers continuously using Gidel's products, generation after generation.

Additional Services and Features

‧    Proc Boards are designed for modular customization such that the user can tailor the system interfaces according to the design specifications

‧    OpenCL FPGA accelerated computing solutions

‧    Unique flexible solution - market's only open-source FPGA allowing for customization to meet any user-customized camera at virtually any performance

‧    Gidel's technology is being used by Intel for its FPGA testing. Support long-life products for OEMs and ODMs

Contact Information

1600 Wyatt Drive
Ste 1
Santa Clara, CA United States