DSN Member Profile: Athena



Athena is a leading provider of security, cryptography, anti-tamper, and signal processing IP cores to many of the world’s largest semiconductor companies, defense contractors, and OEMs, as well as emerging providers. Embedded in millions of ASIC and FPGA devices, Athena technologies enable high-value solutions where security and performance are mission critical ─ defense and aerospace, vehicle safety (V2V, V2X, telematics), networking and communications, satellites, cellular base stations, handsets, the Internet of Things (IoT), and more. Athena’s innovative and experienced team architects best-in-class products: security microprocessors with unmatched hardware efficiency and programmable flexibility, dedicated accelerators for cryptography and security protocols, a comprehensive set of tamper-resistant security cores with SCA/DPA countermeasures developed under license from Rambus’ Cryptography Research division, highly optimized FFTs and signal processing cores, and much more.

Additional Services and Features

‧    Provide mission-critical security and cryptography, anti-tamper IP to Military, Automotive, IoT, Networking and Cellular Basestation markets.

Contact Information

408 W. University Ave., Suite 306
Gainesville, FL United States