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Alorium Technology, LLC


Alorium Technology provides FPGA-based platforms used by a diverse and growing base of customers from Advanced Makers and Educators to Embedded Systems and the Industrial IoT. By pairing Arduino compatibility with FPGA performance, our Intel® MAX® 10 based boards allow our customers to leverage the vast Arduino ecosystem while taking advantage of the increased performance, speed and precision that FPGAs provide.In addition to our MAX 10 based solutions, our team has experience developing solutions with Intel's Cyclone® V SoC, Stratix® V and Arria® 10 FPGAs for applications including high speed networking, packet processing, algorithmic acceleration and cryptographic functions.We offer products and solutions that ease and accelerate your development process from initial prototype to finalproduct integration.

Available Design Services

Design Services Device Family Country/Region Supported
Design Verification: Timing Analysis
Software Design: Board Support Packages
Hardware Design: FPGA, High Speed Transceiver, FPGA + CPU, Specification Development, System-Level Board design, Timing Closure
IP Integration
Embedded Design
- Americas: United States

Contact Information

3041 Melby St
Eau Claire, WI United States