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Alizem is an embedded software intellectual property (IP) company specialized in power electronics applications, such as electric motor control for industrial, automotive, aerospace and medical markets. Our team is composed of highly qualified professionals in both power electronics and FPGA-based embedded software engineering. We provide application-specific off-the-shelf software solutions that can be easily and quickly integrated on our customer's Intel® FPGAs without the need of advanced motor control and embedded software engineering expertise. They enable our customers to significantly reduce costs, risks, and time to market in any of their power electronics-based system development.Keywords: PMSM, BLDC, Inductor Motor, Motor Control, FOC, Vector Control, PWM, solar, IGBT, IPM, IoT.Check this new Alizem ebook : "Step-by-step design of a basic embedded system using an Intel MAX®10 FPGA"http://www.alizem.com/ebookmax10

Available Design Services

Design Services Device Family Country/Region Supported
IP Integration
Cyclone® V SoC, Cyclone® IV, Cyclone® V, Intel® MAX® 10 Americas: United States, Canada

Additional Services and Features

‧    Technology Transfer: Licensing and commercialization of your IP in the field of industrial/power electronics in non-strategic markets.

‧    Software Porting: Porting your motor control software from DSP and MCU chips onto Intel® FPGAs.

‧    Software Long-term Maintenance: No need to maintain expertise in-house, access to Alizem on-tap engineering services.

‧    Turn-key product development and software certification: Through Alizem's established electronic design partners.

Contact Information

5731, rue Saint-Louis Suite 103
Levis, Quebec Canada
Tel:+1 418-614-4643