Key Value Store

System Diagram

Arria Series: Intel® Arria® 10

Stratix Series: Stratix® V

Altera: Intellectual Property: Accelerator Function; Segment: Artificial Intelligence, Data Analytics, Financial, Networking


Key Value Store (KVS) provides a simple and scalable means to store and retrieve distributed data. For example, Telecom directories, Internet Protocol forwarding tables, and de-duplicating storage systems all need key-value tables to associate data with unique identifiers. In datacenters, high performance KVS tables allow hundreds or thousands of machines to easily share data by simply associating values with keys and allowing client machines to read and write those keys and values over standard high-speed Ethernet. Algo-Logic’s Key Value Store leverages Gateware Defined Networking® (GDN) on Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs) to perform lookups with the lowest latency (less than 1 microsecond), highest throughput, and least processing energy. KVS servers simply attach to existing 10G, 40G, or 100G Ethernet links in the datacenter. Deploying GDN solutions save network operators’ time, cost, and power resulting in significantly lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).


  • Low cost per search ($/search operation), search rates of up to 170M searches/second
  • Sub µ-Joule/message energy consumption
  • Deterministic and jitter-free processing
  • Sub-microsecond latency
  • 10 and 40 Gbps Ethernet line rate support

Validated for use with

Quartus Prime Pro Version 17.0
Acceleration Stack version 1.0 Alpha
Xeon + FPGA Platforms supported Intel® Programmable Accelerator Card with Intel® Arria® 10 GX FPGA, Nallatech
Device Family Stratix V; Arria 10
Cloud Deployments NULL

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