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Accelize empowers FPGA-Acceleration-as-a-Service, bringing the benefits of FPGA computing to the Cloud services market. While FPGAs are becoming popular as Cloud workloads acceleration platforms, programming FPGAs and monetizing FPGA “designs” in the Cloud are challenging. FPGA-Acceleration-as-a-Service is the key to enabling more developers to exploit the infinite flexibility and massive parallel processing capabilities of FPGAs by having access to a growing library of ready-to-use accelerators for numerous Clouds. The Accelize solution, including QuickStore, QuickPlay and QuickAlliance, enables a paradigm shift in how the Cloud industry leverages the benefits of FPGAs. Leveraging years of research in High-Level Design and High-Level Synthesis along with strong expertise in FPGA cards and IP, Accelize addresses the challenges inherent with the use of FPGAs in the Cloud to foster a rich ecosystem of ready-to-use FPGA accelerators for Cloud application developers.

Available Design Services

Design Services Device Family Country/Region Supported
Hardware Design: FPGA
IP Integration
Stratix® V, Intel® Arria® 10 EMEA: France, Italy
Americas: United States

Additional Services and Features

‧    QuickStore: Open Marketplace of FPGA accelerator Functions and 3rd Party IP core with a unique Pay-per-use Business Model

‧    QuickPlay: Software defined FPGA development tool that enables FPGA design to target seamlessly multiple Cloud and Enterprise FPGA platforms

‧    QuickAlliance: Ecosystem of Accelerator Developers and 3rd Party IP Providers who benefit from QuickPlay and QuickStore to deliver their products

Contact Information

805 rue JRGG de la Lauziere
Aix-en-Provence, France
Tel:+33 4 42 39 36 00