Optical Transport Solutions

Altera’s SoftSilicon Optical Transport Network (OTN) solutions provide the optimum level of integration and flexibility while addressing increased development costs and the time-to-market challenges inherent in complex transport applications.

Altera’s SoftSilicon products support entire OTN design applications in a single device, scaling from 10G to 100G and beyond, and supporting multistage, low-order OTN multiplexing at ODU0 and ODUflex granularity.

Our integrated OTN solutions will:

  • Simplify your design by providing fully integrated, tested intellectual property (IP) solutions for transponder, muxponder, and packet-optical transport system (P-OTS) applications to meet network requirements
  • Increase flexibility and reduce risks by utilizing our FPGA programmability
  • Streamline your system integration by providing fully-tested, feature-rich OTN solutions
  • Reduce solution cost and focus your internal resources on developing specific features to your product by licensing our standards-based IP

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