Optical Transport Solutions 

Intel® FPGAs provide the foundation for building highly efficient transport solutions with capacities from 10 Gbps all the way up to and beyond 1 Tbps. 

Some FPGAs have built-in ('hardened') functional blocks for forward error correction (FEC) encoding/decoding that can be used for protocols like Ethernet and FibreChannel.

On top of this, a number of typical functional blocks are available from Intel or through partners of Intel as (soft) intellectual property (IP) cores

Further, Intel can also provide integrated ready-made transport solutions to address concerns with development costs and the time-to-market challenges in complex transport applications.

IP Cores for Transport Solutions

Taking advantage of our library of 'transport IP cores' allow you
to take time and uncertainty out of your program and concentrate on 'the larger picture'.

The following lists the types of IP-cores that can be offered
for your transport program based on Intel FPGAs: 

  • FEC for

    • 2.5 Gbps – 100 Gbps OTN

    • 100 Gbps – Tbps FlexO, FlexE

    • 25 Gbps – 400 Gbps Ethernet

  • N x 100 Gbps FlexE Multiplexer

  • N x 100 Gbps OTN Multiplexer and FlexO

  • OTN Segmentation and Re-assembly (SAR)

  • 10 Gbps – 100 Gbps AES-GCM Encryption

  • 10 gigabit Ethernet (GbE) – 400 GbE MAC

  • 50 Gbps – 600 Gbps Interlaken

If you are interested in learning more, please contact your nearest Intel or programmable solutions group representative. You can also email to Optical_Transport_FPGA@intel.com.

Integrated Transport Solutions

The advantages of integrated transport solutions are as follow:

  • Simplify your design by providing fully integrated, tested IP solutions
  • Increase flexibility and reduce risks by utilizing our FPGA programmability
  • Streamline your system integration by providing fully-tested, feature-rich transport solutions
  • Reduce solution cost and focus your internal resources
    on developing specific features to your product

The figures below illustrate examples of integrated solutions that have been or can be implemented based on Intel FPGA technology.
The solutions range from 10 Gbps solutions up to and beyond 1 Tbps solutions.
There are also solutions for Metro-Optical, xHaul, and DCI networks based on the OTN or FlexE line protocols. 

If you are interested in learning more about integrated transport solutions, please contact Optical_Transport_FPGA@intel.com. 

10 Gbps Add/Drop Multiplexer for Metro / xHaul

10 x 10 Gbps Transponder with Encryption Option for Metro / DCI

10 x 10 Gbps Client Card for Metro

100 Gbps Add/Drop Multiplexer for Metro

400 Gbps-800 Gbps Add/Drop Multiplexer, Muxponder for Metro / DCI

200 Gbps-400 Gbps Muxponder / Client Card for xHaul (FlexE based)

1.2 Tbps Muxponder for DCI (FlexE based)

For more information on any of the above IP cores or IP solutions please contact lars.pedersen@intel.com.