Maximizing Productivity with Devices, Tools, and IP

Intel is committed to delivering a complete intellectual property (IP) portfolio, system-level design tools, and a third-party operating system (OS) ecosystem that maximizes designer productivity for industrial applications.

Platform Designer system integration tool is our system-level IP integration tool. The Platform Designer system integration tool is a scriptable system integration tool with a graphical front end that helps you integrate off-the-shelf and custom IP with soft and hard-core processors. The Platform Designer system integration tool supports an AXI* interconnect, tunable for performance and resources that provides seamless clock-crossing and streaming data handshaking. Most importantly, the Platform Designer integration tool provides a seamless integration of the hardware and software development domains, including system mapping between the integrated hardware and embedded software IDE for developing software to target the system.

We have had a long-term partnership with MathWorks, and offer highly optimized HDL generation flows in the Simulink* environment using our DSP Builder for Intel® FPGA blockset. We also provide a Cyclone® V SoC-integrated flow with MathWorks* Simulink design flow that seamlessly integrates the Embedded Coder and HDL Coder generator. Additionally, we are investing heavily in high-level design tools–providing proven leadership with the Intel® HLS Compiler and Intel® FPGA SDK for OpenCL™.

Finally, our partnership with Arm allows us to offer the state-of-the-art Arm* Development Studio 5* (DS-5*) Intel SoC FPGA tool, which offers unparalleled productivity and performance for embedded system design and debug. The tool flow includes integrated support for HPS FPGA cross triggering and visibility of FPGA peripherals from software debug flows. We support all major SoC operating systems from Linux to VxWorks, ucOSII to Integrity, and more.

Development Kits

Intel FPGA development kits provide a complete, high-quality design environment that simplifies the design process and reduces time to market. Development kits include software, reference designs, cables, and programming hardware.

You can purchase products online from our eStore, from a distributor or sales representative, or for partner kits, contact the partner directly. For more Intel and partner kits, go to the main development kits page.

Product Name Device Family Category Price Provider
Cyclone V E FPGA Development Kit Cyclone V E General $1,099 Intel
Cyclone V GT Development Kit Cyclone V GT General $1,299 Intel
Cyclone V GX FPGA Development Kit Cyclone V GX General Ask Intel
Cyclone V SoC Deevelopment Kit Cyclone V SoC General $1,795 Intel
iPORT NTx-U3 Embedded Video Interface Evaluation Kit Cyclone V Video and Vision Ask Pleora Technologies
Arm Versatile* Express Cortex*-M Prototyping System Cyclone V E General Ask Arm
Cyclone V GX Base Board Cyclone V GX General $349 Macnica
Cyclone V GX Starter Kit Cyclone V GX General $179 Terasic
DE1-SoC Development and Education Board Cyclone V SoC General $199 Terasic
SoCKit Development Kit Cyclone V SoC General $305 Arrow
MAX® V CPLD Development Kit MAX V General $75 Intel
MAX V Starter Kit MAX V General $30 Macnica (Galaxy)
DE2-70 Digital Camera and Multimedia Development Platform Cyclone II Video and Vision $874 Terasic
MAX II Development Kit Max II General $150 Intel
MAX II/MAX IIZ Development Kit Max II General $129 System Level Solutions
MAX 10 FPGA Evaluation Kit MAX 10 General $50 Intel
microSOM us02 Cyclone V SoC System on Module Ask Exor
GigaSOM gS01 Cyclone 10 GX + APL System on Module Ask Exor
Cloud Connectivity Kit Cyclone V SoC Connectivity $189 Terasic
EasyMVC Cyclone 10 GX Video and Vision Ask Macnica
TSN Starter Package Cyclone V Connectivity €6,000-€24,000 TTTech
KEIm-CVSoC  Cyclone V SoC System on Module Ask Kondo
Mustang F100 Arria 10 General $1650 iEi
BeMicro MAX 10 Max 10 General $30 Arrow
Flexibilis Evaluation Board  Cyclone  V SoC Connectivity Ask TTTech
iW-RainboW-G17D Cyclone V SoC Video & Vision $457.36  Arrow
Embedded Vision Dev Kit For Basler Cyclone V SoC Video & Vision Ask Arrow, Mouser, Digikey
C10 CoaXpress Camera Board Cyclone  10 GX Video & Vision Ask ArrowMouserDigikey
Self-Balancing Robot Cyclone V SoC Robotics, Drives $270 Terasic
Tandem Motion-Power 48v Board For Max 10 Robotics, Drives $2950 Terasic
A-Cute Car Robotic Kit Cyclone IV Robotics, Drives $149 Terasic
Terasic Spider Cyclone V SoC Robotics, Drives $1200 Terasic
KEIm-08 Max 10 System on Module Ask Macnica
KElm-25 Max 10 System on Module Ask Macnica
MitySOM-A10S Arria 10 SoC System on Module $1,500  Arrow
MitySOM-5CSX Cyclone V Soc System on Module $540 Arrow
Arria10 SoM Arria 10 SoC System on Module Ask Arrow
Achilles Arria 10 SoC SOM Arria 10 SoC System on Module Ask Mouser
DE Boards Various General $64-$8000 Terasic
Max1000 Max 10 General Ask Arrow
DECA Max 10 General $37 Arrow
CYC1000 Cyclone 10 LP General $39 Arrow
Borax Cyclone V SoC General Ask Macnica
Sodia Cyclone V SoC General Ask Macnica
Beryll Cyclone 10 LP General Ask Macnica
Cyclone 10LP Reference Kit Cyclone 10 LP General $155 Arrow
Analog Max-01 Max 10 General $106 Arrow
Evo M51 Max 10 General Ask ArrowMouserDigikey
Hinj Max 10 General Ask ArrowMouserDigikey
XLR8 Max 10 General Ask ArrowMouserDigikey
SNO Max 10 General Ask ArrowMouserDigikey

Intel and its third-party IP partners offer a large selection of off-the-shelf IP cores optimized for Intel® FPGAs.

The table below lists the available licensed and unlicensed IP solutions for this end market. Click on each product name for specifications and evaluation information. Note that licensed and unlicensed IP come bundled with the Intel Quartus® Prime design software. To learn about additional IP from Intel and its partners, go to the Intellectual Property & Reference Designs page.

Category Provider 
High-availability Seamless Redundancy (HSR) Connectivity TTTech
Parallel Redundancy Protocol (PRP) Connectivity TTTech
TSN Ethernet Endpoint Controller Connectivity CAST
EtherFly Over TSN Connectivity SCS
DC/DC Converter Sample Design Deterministic Computing Present Power System
GigE Vision FPGA Core Video I/F Sensor to Image
MIPI-CSI2 Video I/F Shikino High-Tech
MIPI-CSI2 Video I/F Foresys
Image Clarification IP Video I/F Zenic
TAI Compiler AI TAI
Security & Cryptography Security CAST
Security & Cryptography Security Silex Insight
USB2.0/3.0 Connectivity SLS
I2C Controller Connectivity SLS
Time Sensitive Networking Switch Connectivity/ Functional Safety TTTech
PROFIBUS Connectivity/Functional Safety Softing
PROFINET Connectivity/Functional Safety Softing
EtherCAT Connectivity/Functional Safety Softing
EtherNet/IP Connectivity/Functional Safety Softing
Modbus Connectivity/Functional Safety Softing
Safelex Functional Safety NewTec
Nebula Accelerator X3 Video I/F CoreRain
Efficiera AI Inference AI LeapMind
Transport Layer Security Security Xiphera
Bump in the Wire (BITW) Security Veridify

Intel and its partners develop and deliver reference designs that provide efficient solutions for common system design problems. Please visit the All Reference Designs page to check them out.