Designing for Computer & Storage

Intel® PSG and its partners offer a wide range of tools to help you resolve common computer and storage design challenges and significantly shorten your design cycle. To learn more, browse through our available FPGA development kits, daughter cards, reference designs, and IP cores. 

Development Kits

Intel® FPGA development kits provide a complete, high-quality design environment that simplifies the design process and reduces time to market. Development kits include software, reference designs, cables, and programming hardware.

You can purchase products online from the our eStore, from a distributor or sales representative, or, for partner kits, contact the partner directly. For more Intel and partner kits, go to the main development kits page.

Product Name 

Technology Connector Price Provider
SATA/SAS Card Interface HSMC $550 Terasic
XTS Card Interface HSMC $140 Terasic
GPIO-HSTC Card Interface HSMC $55 Terasic
HSMC Mass Storage and Video Card Interface HSMC $260 Terasic
QuadPHY 10/100/1000 - HSMC $395 Nine Ways R&D
TwoPHY 10/100 - HSMC $145 Nine Ways R&D
Helio View Upgrade Kit Embedded, Interface - - Macnica Americas

Intel PSG and its third-party intellectual property (IP) partners offer a large selection of off-the-shelf IP cores optimized for Intel FPGA  devices.

The table below lists the available licensed and unlicensed IP solutions for this end market. Click on each product name for specifications and evaluation information. Note that licensed and unlicensed IP come bundled with the Quartus® Prime design software. To learn about additional IP from Intel PSG and its partners, go to the Intellectual Property & Reference Designs page.

Intel PSG and its partners develop and deliver reference designs that provide efficient solutions for common system design problems.

The table below lists the available reference designs for this end market. Click on each product name for specifications and evaluation information. To learn about additional reference designs from Intel PSG and its partners, go to the All Reference Designs page.

Product Name 

Supported Devices Qsys Compliant   Provider 

10 Gbps Ethernet Hardware Demonstration Reference Design

Stratix IV GX

Compact HDMI J2K over Ethernet (Cyclone V)

Cyclone V GX
- intoPIX

Cyclone V SOC Power Optimized Reference Design

Cyclone V SOC
- Intel

JPEG2000 wrapped in MPEG-2 TS over SMPTE2022

Stratix V GX, Stratix V GT
- intoPIX

PCI Express Reference Designs and Application Notes

Arria 10 GX, Arria 10 GT, Arria 10 SX, Stratix V GT, Stratix V GX, Stratix V GS, Arria V GZ, Arria V GT, Arria V GX, Arria V SX, Arria V ST, Cyclone V GT, Cyclone V GX, Cyclone V ST, Cyclone V SX, EP4S, Stratix IV GX, Arria II GZ, Arria II GX, Cyclone IV GX

PCI to Local Bridge Reference Design

- Dexcel Electronics Designs