There are currently two companion Intel® FPGA academic programs designed to provide students, faculty, and researchers with advance access to Intel Xeon® CPU and FPGA solutions. See the following programs below: 

Intel® FPGA University Program

A worldwide program delivering a variety of teaching materials for use in university-level digital logic, computer organization, and embedded system courses worldwide. Materials include state-of-the art computer-aided design (CAD) software tools, teaching hardware in the form of laboratory boards, tutorials that introduce students and course instructors to Intel® FPGA tools and hardware, and ready-to-teach laboratory exercises.

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Intel® Hardware Accelerator Research Program

A global program that provides faculty and researchers early access to preproduction Intel® Xeon® processors with FPGAs. This program is spurring research in programming tools, operating systems, and innovative applications for accelerator-based computing systems. The program offers tutorials, workshops, technical support, community forums, and opportunities for participants to showcase their research and results.  

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