make_connection (::quartus::eco)

The following table displays information for the make_connection Tcl command:

Tcl Package and Version

Belongs to ::quartus::eco 1.0

Syntax make_connection [-h | -help] [-long_help] [-from <output_net_name> ] [-from_node <from_node> ] [-from_port <from_port> ] [-port <dest_node_port> ] [-tieoff <VCC|GND> ] [-to <dest_node_name> ] [-to_node <to_node> ] [-to_port <to_port> ]
Arguments -h | -help Short help
-long_help Long help with examples and possible return values
-from <output_net_name> Source of the connection
-from_node <from_node> ID of the source node
-from_port <from_port> ID of the source port
-port <dest_node_port> Input port name of the destination node
-tieoff <VCC|GND> VCC or GND tieoff
-to <dest_node_name> Name of the destination node
-to_node <to_node> ID of the destination node
-to_port <to_port> ID of the destination port
The make_connection command will connect the source signal to the destination block port. If the 
port has an existing connection, the command will remove the previous connection
and connect it to the specified signal. 

make_connection expects a source and destination through: 
from - output net of the source block of the new connection, OR
from_node AND from_port - node ID and output port ID of source, OR
tieoff - tieoff value

to AND port - name of the destination node and the input port name, OR
to_node AND to_port - node ID and input port ID of the destination

Note that the changed path will be routed immediately. If the path contains a node that is created during
ECO compilation, then the paths will be routed after the node is placed with place_node command.
Example Usage
make_connection -from top|a_out -to top|x -port D

This example will connect top|a_out to the D input port of node top|x. 

make_connection -tieoff VCC -to top|x -port D

This example will tie the D port of node top|x to VCC, either internally or via lcell. 

load_package netlist
load_package eco
project_open top
set from_node [get_netlist_node_id -name my_node]
set oports [get_netlist_ports -node $from_node -type oport]
set oport 0
foreach_in_collection i $oports {
    set oport $i
set to_node [get_netlist_node_id -name my_ff]
set iports [get_netlist_ports -node $to_node -type iport]
set iport 0
foreach_in_collection i $iports {
    set iport $i
make_connection -ARG(from_node) $from_node -ARG(from_port) $oport -ARG(to_node) $to_node -ARG(to_port) $iport

This example iterates over the netlist and node ports, then makes a connection between
the first oport of my_node and the first iport of my_ff
Return Value Code Name Code String Return
TCL_OK 0 INFO: Operation successful