Component Type Tab (Platform Designer Component Editor)

You open this tab in the Platform Designer Component Editor by clicking the Component Type.

Allows you to view and edit the following basic identifying information about your component:

  • Name—Specifies a unique name for your component that is not displayed in the GUI.
  • Display name—Specifies the name of the component as displayed in the GUI. This name may include spaces and punctuation.
  • Version—Specifies the version number of the component.
  • Group—Specifies the category of the component as displayed in the list of all components in Platform Designer.
  • Description—Specifies a general description of the component.
  • Created by—Specifies the name of the component author.
  • Icon—Specifies the relative path to the icon that represents the component.
  • Documentation—Specifies a URL hyperlink to documentation of the component.
Note: For more information about creating components in Platform Designer, refer to the Specify IP Component Type Information in