Implementation Type

Allows you to specify how you want to link the implementation to your IP component.

Table 1. Component Implementation Type Options
Implementation Type Description
IP The default implementation type that defines the component in _hw.tcl and preserves the component as a .ip file. Platform Designer automatically manages components with the Implementation Type of IP in the following ways:
  • Runs background checks against the port widths between the IP component and the .ip file to ensure continuity.
  • Scans the .ip file for the error flag to determine if any component has parameterization errors.
  • Checks for system-info mismatches between the IP file and the IP component in the system, and prompts resolution with IP instantiation warnings in the Instantiation Messages tab.
HDL Defines a generic component from existing RTL. You can load the signals, interfaces, and parameters of the generic component from the HDL file containing the RTL. The HDL parameters are represented as constants local to a module, which you can redefine when instantiating the module. Generic HDL components have no .ip file.
Blackbox Defines a generic component that represents only the signal and interface boundary of an entity, without providing the component's implementation. You then provide the implementation of the component for processing with the Intel® Quartus® Prime software or an RTL simulator. Generic blackbox components have no .ip file.
HLS Defines a generic component from existing high level synthesis (HLS) files. You compile the HLS file, import a previously compiled HLS file, perform verification on an HLS project, or display the resulting compilation report. Available only on Windows* edition.