Save Current Report Section As Command

You open this dialog box by clicking Save Current Report Section As... on the File menu.

Saves the Report window information as a specific file type. The following table lists reports and associated file types:

Report Window Section You Can Save

Format in Which You Can Save the Section

Messages section

Text File (.txt)

Simulation Waveforms section

Vector Table Output File (.tbl) Definition

Vector Waveform File (.vwf) Definition

Logical Memories section

Hexadecimal (Intel-Format) File (.hex) Definition

Memory Initialization File (.mif) Definition

Value Change Dump File (.vcd) Definition

Section containing a regular table

Comma-Separated Value File (.csv) Definition

Tab-Separated Value File (.txt) Definition

Section in the Timing Analyses folder containing a delay table

Comma-Separated Value File (.csv)

Tab-Separated Value File (.txt)

Section in the Timing Analyses folder containing a speed performance table

Comma-Separated Value File (.csv)

Timing Analyzer Output File (.tao)