quartus2.ini File

You can view and change user options in the quartus2.ini file with the Tcl commands set_user_option and get_user_option in the project Tcl package.

The quartus2.ini is automatically created in an existing directory. For PC users, the Quartus® Prime software searches for each of the following directories, in the following order, on the drive where the Quartus® Prime software resides.

  2. TMP
  3. TEMP

The file is created in the first directory found. If none of these directories exists, the file is created in the root directory of the C: drive.

For Linux users, the file is created in the altera.quartus directory under the <home> directory, if the altera.quartus directory exists. If the altera.quartus directory does not exist, the file is created in the <home> directory.

The following sections contain variables that you can change: