Stamp model files Definition

Files that contain timing information for performing a board-level timing analysis (with the extensions .data, .mod, and .lib) that are generated by the Quartus® Prime software. Stamp model files can be imported into the Mentor Graphics® Tau software.

You can specify that the Quartus® Prime software generates these files by selecting STAMP in the Board-Level Timing Analysis section of the Board-Level page of the EDA Tool Settings dialog box.

The Quartus® Prime software places the files it generates into the \<project_directory>\timing\stamp directory by default after compilation. The file names are the top-level design entity name with a "_board" appended to the project name and a .data or .mod extension (that is, <design name> or <design name> _board.mod). These files can then be imported into the Tau software for board-level timing analysis.