remote update block Definition

Dedicated circuitry used for configuring supported device (Arria® series, Cyclone® III, Cyclone® IV, and Stratix® series) family devices from a remote location. The remote update block must be instantiated in a supported device family device design to enable the remote system configuration mode.

There are two types of remote system configuration modes: standard update configuration mode and remote update configuration mode. Both remote system configuration modes allow a device to receive configuration data from a remote source, update the flash memory content of the configuration device with the new configuration data, and reconfigure itself with the new configuration data. Standard update configuration mode allows you to store one system configuration, while remote update configuration mode allows you to store up to seven system configurations.

You can turn on the standard update configuration mode by selecting Standard in the Configuration mode list in the Configuration page of the Device and Pin Options dialog box, which is available from the Device dialog box on the Assignments menu.

You can turn on the remote update configuration mode by instantiating the remote update block in a design and selecting Remote in the Configuration mode list.

Note: More information is available on remote update on the Altera website.