memory word Definition

A group of memory bits in a RAM or ROM block. For example, the content5_[4..0] memory word defines a 5-bit memory in which the individual memory bits are content5_4, content5_3, content5_2, content5_1, and content5_0.

In Verilog HDL, a memory word is a register in a memory (that is, RAM or ROM) block that contains the same range of bits as the other registers in the memory. For example, the memory reg [5:0] EXAMPLE [0:2] defines 3 memory words, each containing a bit range of 5 to 0.

In Verilog HDL, you use Procedural Assignments to assign values to memory by assigning values to individual memory words. You cannot assign values to an entire memory or to the individual bits or a range of bits of a memory word.