component Definition

Specifies the ports (pinstubs) of a logic function in VHDL. A component, which consists of the name of a logic function and a list of the function's inputs and outputs, is specified in a Component Declaration and is often stored in a package.

The Quartus® Prime software includes a variety of IP cores and primitives with VHDL support. The Quartus® Primesoftware stores the subdirectories on \quartus\libraries\vhdl. Components for these logic functions are provided in the maxplus2 and megacore packages in the altera library, the altera_mf_components package in the altera_mf library, and the lpm_components package, available in the lpm_pack.vhd file, in the lpm library.

In a VHDL Design (.vhd) File, you use a Component Instantiation Statement to insert an instance of a logic function defined as a component in a Component Declaration.