version-compatible database files Definition

The Intel® Quartus® Prime software allows you to generate version-compatible representations of the internal database files, with the .qdb extension. This feature allows you to open compiled projects in newer versions of the software and avoid recompiling. You must also specify the snapshot to save.

In the Intel® Quartus® Prime software, click Project > Export Database to create a version-compatible database file for the current project. To open version-compatible database files, click Project > Import Database.

The corresponding Tcl commands are export_design and import_design.

From the command line, create version-compatible database files with

quartus_cdb <project> [-c <revision>] --export_design --snapshot <snapshot_name> --file <archive_name.qdb> [--quartus_metadata <metadata_list>] [--user_metadata <config_path>]
To import version-compatible database files:
quartus_cdb <project> --import_design --file <archive_name.qdb> [--overwrite]