Edit Device Dialog Box

You open this dialog box by selecting a device in the Device name list in the Select Devices dialog box.

This dialog box allows you to edit the attributes of a user-defined device. Names of user-defined devices appear in the Device Name list when you select User Defined from the Device Family list.


Allows you to specify the name of a user-defined device.

The device name prefix UNKNOWN is reserved by the Quartus® Prime software. User-defined devices cannot have UNKNOWN as a device name prefix.


Allows you to specify the instruction register length of a user-defined device.


Lists the JTAG IDs and JTAG ID masks for the user-defined device. A JTAG ID is a 32-bit hexadecimal number that includes such information as the manufacturer's ID number, the device part number, and the device identity. A JTAG ID mask specifies which bits are checked when comparing a JTAG ID from a device with a JTAG ID specified in the Quartus® Prime software.


Opens the Add JTAG ID dialog box, which allows you to specify a configuration device JTAG ID and JTAG ID mask.

Bits set to 1 in the JTAG ID mask are checked in the JTAG ID; bits set to O in the JTAG ID mask are ignored in the JTAG ID. For example, to check only the last eight bits in a JTAG ID, set the JTAG ID mask to 0x000000FF.

Allow none:

Allows you to specify whether or not the user-defined device requires a JTAG ID code. Some devices might not require a JTAG ID code. Turning on Allow none identifies devices without a JTAG ID code as a user-defined device in a JTAG chain.

When there are no JTAG IDs in the JTAG ID list, Allow none is unavailable.