Mnemonic Table Setup Dialog Box

You open this dialog box by clicking Mnemonic Table Setup on the Edit menu of the Signal Tap Logic Analyzer.

Allows you to create mnemonic tables and add entries to them.


Allows you to select a mnemonic table for editing.


Displays the pattern (which is composed of a numerical value and its radix) and mnemonic for all entries in the selected mnemonic table.

Add Table:

Opens the Add Tabledialog box, which allows you to create a mnemonic table.

Import Table:

Opens the Import Table dialog box, which allows you to import mnemonic tables from other Signal Tap File (.stp) Definition files.

Add Entry:

Opens the Add Entry dialog box, which allows you to add entries to mnemonic tables.

Pattern Legend:

Displays the values that you can use to create a pattern that you can assign to a mnemonic table entry.