Resources Pane (Signal Tap Logic Analyzer)

The Resources pane is part of the State-Based Trigger Flow tab in the Signal Tap Logic Analyzer.

Allows you to allocate flags and counters in a design for use in a state machine.


Allows you to allocate flags for use in the state machine. Flags are one-bit wide and can be used to set, clear, or perform a check if the flag has a value of either 0 or 1. An initial value for the flags can also be specified and configured at runtime, or you can read a current value.

Note: The initial value of the flag is only updated when an acquisition is initiated.


Allows you to allocate counters for use in the state machine. Counters can be set to an arbitrary width and can be incremented, decremented, or reset to the initial value. You can compare counter values with each other or with a numerical value, and you can specify an initial counter value or read a current value.

Configurable at runtime:

Allows you to specify which values and operators you can configure at runtime, without recompiling your design.