JTAG Chain Configuration Pane (Signal Tap Logic Analyzer)

You open this pane by clicking Edit > JTAG Chain Configuration. Allows you to specify programming hardware, device, and file settings for the Signal Tap Logic Analyzer to program and acquire data from a device. You can also manage the SRAM Object File (.sof) Definitionattached to the Signal Tap File (.stp) Definition.
Table 1. JTAG Chain Configuration
Item Description
JTAG Status Displays status messages for the Signal Tap Logic Analyzer JTAG Chain Configuration (such as JTAG ready).
Hardware Allows you to select the communication cable and displays the name of the currently selected communication cable and the port to which it is connected.
Device Contains a list of the devices on the circuit board connected to your system, and displays the device you are using. The device list populates when you click Scan Chain.

The name of the device is in the following format:

<number on circuit
          board>: <JTAG ID code>: <device name>
For example, in a device named @1: 0x082000DD: EP20K200C:
@1 Indicates that it is the first device on the circuit board,
0x082000DD JTAG ID code for the device, and
EP20K200C Device name.
Program device button

Allows you to program the device selected in the Device list with the SRAM Object File (.sof) Definition that appears in the File.
File Allows you to specify an SRAM Object File (.sof) Definition that contains the data to program the device.
Scan Chain Scans for devices on the circuit board that are connected to your system, and then displays the detected devices in the Device list.
Setup Opens the Hardware Setup dialog box which allows you to add and remove hardware items from the Hardware list, add and remove JTAG servers, configure your local JTAG server, and specify a hardware setup for device programming and configuration.
Bridge Index Allows you to select one SLD JTAG bridge from the current revision, by selecting the corresponding bridge index. To associate bridge index values corespondent to which revision, go to the JTAG Bridge Action Report.

SOF Manager Pane:

Displays controls for managing SRAM Object Files.

  • Toggle SOF Manager— Displays or hides the SOF Manager pane.
  • Program Device button— Allows you to use the SRAM Object File specified in the File box to program the device that you selected in the Device list.
  • Attach SOF button— Attaches the SRAM Object File displayed in the File box to the Signal Tap File. You can attach multiple SRAM Object Files to a single Signal Tap File. Attached SRAM Object Files allow you to reprogram a device with a SRAM Object File that is compatible with particular instances in the Signal Tap Logic Analyzer.
  • File— Allows you to specify the SRAM Object File that contains the data to program the device, or that you want to attach to the Signal Tap File.
  • Attached SOF Files— Lists the SRAM Object File(s) attached to the Signal Tap File and displays which instance of the attached SRAM Object File is compatible with the Signal Tap File.
  • Shortcut Menu Commands— Right-clicking an SRAM Object File in the SOF Manager pane allows access to several commands.