Fit in Window/Zoom In/Zoom Out/Center on Trigger Commands (View Menu)

You access these commands in the Signal Tap Logic Analyzer window by pointing to Fit in Window, Zoom In, Zoom Out, or Center on Trigger on the View menu.

Fit in Window command:

Resizes the document so that the entire file, chart, device, schematic, or the full length of each waveform fits in the current window.

Zoom In command:

Allows you to zoom in on a waveform.

Zoom Out command:

Allows you to zoom out on a waveform.

Center on Trigger command:

Allows you to view and analyze acquired data by centering the trigger on a waveform.

Note: The Center on Trigger command is different from Center trigger position in the Signal Configuration pane. The Center trigger position command allows you to position a trigger point before acquiring data.