Report Used Clock Regions Dialog Box (Chip Planner)

You open this dialog box by selecting the Report Used Clock Details task in the Chip Planner.

Displays each clock region that de design uses.

  • Show clock regions of this type—Allows you to select the level of clock hierarchy you want to display.
  • Report source nodes—Displays the source nodes of each region.
  • Report clkcltrl nodes—Displays the clock control nodes of each region.
  • Tcl command—Displays and allows you to edit the Tcl command equivalent to the current options.

By default, the main Chip Planner window displays only one clock region. You can switch the visibility of clock regions by clicking them in the Report pane.

Scripting Information

Keyword: report_clock_regions

Settings: {All}* | {Global Clock}| {Regional Clock}| {Periphery Clock}