ID:179007 Not enough I/O pin locations available with sub-components of type "<sub_component_type>"

CAUSE: Some of the pins in your design could not be placed because the Fitter was unable to locate enough free I/O pin locations that contain a specific I/O sub-component. This I/O sub-component may be a delay chain, I/O register, DDIO register, or a different type of I/O circuitry. Your design might require more I/Os that use the specified I/O sub-component than are available in the targeted device. You might also constrained an I/O pin (or a group of I/O pins) to a location or region that does not include enough available I/O pin locations containing the specified type of I/O sub-component.

ACTION: If the affected pins are locked to a region, relax the constraint. Pins that are fed by non-global clock signals, such as regional clocks, might impose additional constraints not explicitly specified in your assignments file. Otherwise, change your device or reduce the number of I/Os in your design that use the specified I/O sub-component.