ID:261011 Signal Tap instance version on device is different from current instance defined in the Signal Tap File

CAUSE: You downloaded a design containing a Signal Tap instance into a device using a version of the Quartus Prime software and then ran the related Signal Tap File (.stp) in the Signal Tap Logic Analyzer using a different version of the Quartus Prime software. However, when you ran the Signal Tap Logic Analyzer, you upgraded the version of the STP File. As a result, the version number of the STP File is different from the version number of the Signal Tap instance. The Signal Tap Logic Analyzer cannot acquire data if the STP File and the Signal Tap instance have different version numbers.

ACTION: Make sure the Signal Tap instance and the STP File are the same version. Otherwise, recompile the design, download the design into the device, and run the Signal Tap Logic Analyzer again. To avoid receiving this message in the future, do not upgrade the STP File instance version when prompted to do so when opening the STP File in the Quartus Prime software, or save a copy of the original file that you can use to restore the original STP File.