ID:14083 WYSIWYG MCELL primitive "<name>" has illegal combination of mode parameter values -- cannot be in VCC mode and combinational mode when parallel expander mode is turned off

CAUSE: The specified WYSIWYG MCELL primitive is set to VCC mode (that is, the OPERATION_MODE parameter is set to VCC) and is set to combinational mode (that is, the OUTPUT_MODE parameter is set to COMB), but has parallel expander mode turned off (that is, the PEXP_MODE parameter is set to OFF). When the WYSIWYG MCELL primitive is in VCC mode and is not in parallel expander mode, it can have no data inputs and can implement only a TFF or a fast input register, and therefore cannot also be in combinational mode. At least one of the parameter values must be changed.

ACTION: If you are using an EDA tool, contact the technical support for the EDA tool regarding this message. For further assistance, contact Intel Technical Support by creating a Service Request at