ID:177029 The signal could not be placed in any of the below locations because the PLL feedback clock network was already used by <competing signal>, placed in location <location>

CAUSE: Congestion was encountered on the phase-locked loop (PLL) feedback network because a signal is already using the feedback path. There are fewer PLL feedback paths than PLLs available on the device.

ACTION: If the PLL is locked to a specific location, try unlocking the PLL to allow the Fitter to try different locations, because different locations can use different parts of the clock network for its feedback. If the PLL feedback is a specific clock type (global or regional), try changing the feedback type to use a different spine clock. Alternatively, attempt to lower the clock network usage in your design, either by using fewer clocks, or by using smaller clocks instead of larger clocks (for example, using regional clocks instead of a global clocks where possible). You can also try using direct compensation mode, which does not use any clock network resources.