ID:20077 The following global signals each drive HSSI as well as UIB and/or ESRAM interfaces, which have specialized global routing requirements that cannot be satisfied simultaneously. Revise the design to have separate global signals for these interfaces.

CAUSE: At least one global signal in the current design drives HSSI as well as UIB and/or ESRAM interfaces. Global routing must drive these interfaces from certain locations within the programmable clock grid, independent from the paths used for other core connections. Locations for HSSI and UIB/ESRAM global routing cannot be driven simultaneously, while maintaining balanced global signal delays.

ACTION: Change the design such that the HSSI and UIB/ESRAM destinations are driven by different global clock trees. If the HSSI and UIB/ESRAM interfaces do not share any common core clock sectors, you could also specify non-overlapping Clock Region assignments from the global signal to separate entities, to indicate how to split the global clock routing into separate trees.