HDL Parameters Tab (View Menu) (Platform Designer)

The Platform Designer HDL Parameters tab allows you to define system HDL parameters, and overwrite HDL parameter values in the current system.

The following settings and controls are available in the HDL Parameters tab:

Table 1. Component Implementation Type Options
Setting/Control Description
System HDL Parameters
Add HDL Parameter Inserts a new HDL parameter with editable name and default settings. Specify the parameter name and default value for applicable parameter properties, such as Type, Bit Width, Value, Tooltip, and Export.
Remove HDL Parameter Removes the selected system HDL parameter from the HDL Parameters tab.
Parameter Specifies the name of system HDL parameters. By default, Platform Designer names new HDL parameters sequentially with new_parameter_0, new_parameter_1, and so on. Double-click any parameter name to rename.
Type Specifies the type of HDL parameter, which determines availability of other properties. The following Types are available: boolean, integer, logic vector, natural, positive, std logic, and string.
Bit Width Specifies the width of signals for the logic vector HDL parameter Type. The value of this property is N/A for other Types.
Value The default value of the HDL parameter.
Tooltip Alphanumeric text that provides brief guidance about the HDL parameter to the end user in the form of a tooltip.
Export Specifies that the HDL parameter should be
Modules with Exported HDL Parameters in System
Value in System Specifies the value of the exported HDL parameters in the current Platform Designer system. The value that you specify overwrites the current parameter value when you Generate HDL for the system.