Match any/and Match all

Allows you to define the filtering rules that comprise the filter. The match any and and match all filtering rules work in conjunction like logical OR and logical AND operators. When a filter is active, each component displayed in the connection panel matches at least one match any rule and all the and match all rules of the filter.

  • Filtering rules—Allows you to edit a filtering rule. Each filtering rule consists of the following fields. Clicking a field reveals a list of available choices.
  • What—Specifies the type of entity to match. The following choices are available:
    • Tag— Matches custom entries from the Tags column of the connection panel.
    • Interface type—Matches component interfaces.
    • Connected to—Matches component connections.
    • Module name—Matches component module names.
  • Add— Allows you to add a new filtering rule.
  • Remove— Allows you to remove a filtering rule.