Allows you to specify the type of assignments that are imported, using one of the following options:

  • Instance assignments from a lower-level entity— Specifies that multiple instances of an entity are imported, with a sequential designator (inst1, inst2) added to the string following the -to option of the set_instance_assignment command to distinguish instances. For example, the assignment -to A could become -to ent:inst1|A as a result of importing.
  • Entity assignments from a lower-level entity (including IP cores)— Specifies that only a single instance of an entity be imported. The designator -entity is added to the assignment so that the assignment is applied to all instances of that entity.
  • Global assignments from another project— Specifies that global, project-level, assignments are imported from another project.

Each of the above choices presets a selection of recommended assignment types and import options elsewhere in the dialog box. You are free to change the preset selections if necessary.