Lock Mode

Allows you to select different lock modes that control the kind of changes you can make in the Signal Tap Logic Analyzer. This feature helps prevent inadvertent changes to the design that require recompilation. The following lock modes are available:

  • Allow all changes— Allows you to make all changes to Signal Tap File (.stp) Definition.
  • Allow trigger condition changes only— Allows you to change only the trigger conditions in a Signal Tap File. You can change logic conditions, enable and disable trigger conditions, enable and disable the trigger input and trigger output signals, and change the trigger position, buffer acquisition mode, and segment size. You cannot switch between basic and advanced trigger conditions when you turn on lock mode.
Important: Important: When you select Allow trigger condition changes only in the Setup tab in the Signal Tap Logic Analyzer, all editable fields in the Custom Trigger Flow tab are disabled and the runtime-modifiable values become underlined with hyperlinks. When you click one of the hyperlinks, a shortcut menu allows you to select a different value. You cannot edit the remaining text.