Netlist Navigator

  • Netlist Navigator pane—Displays a representation of the project hierarchy, including design instances, pins, primitives, state machines, and nets. Clicking an instance in the hierarchy list locates the instance in the schematic view; double-clicking an instance in the hierarchy list opens the internal logic of the instance in a tab in the schematic view.
  • Propertiespane—Displays properties for a node when you click Properties in the shortcut menu. The Properties pane contains new panes for properties of the node such as Fan-In, Fan-Out, Ports, and Parameters.
  • Find pane—Click Find to open the Find pane. Provides options for you to limit the range of the search, which is useful when searching for elements in high density schematics. The Find pane allows you to search from a particular instance of the hierarchy; set an option to search only in instances, nodes, or pins; view the list of results with a progress bar; and specify whether the search includes subentities.
Note: Once you populate the Find result list, click Find Next to highlight the items in the schematic view.