Synthesis Source Files Read Report

Reports the names of Synthesis source files read, including the file name and path, the file type, whether the source file is used in the netlist, and the absolute directory path of the file. Source files reported may not actually contribute to the project. For example, an optimization process could render some files useless, and while Synthesis still reads the files, it does not process them.

This report helps you to distinguish between source files that are used in the netlist generated by the project, and files that merely reside in the project directory. Files added to the project during Synthesis only appear in the report if they are used in the netlist.

Other files which can be written to the project directory, but not used in the netlist, include files such as Quartus Prime Project File (.qpf) Definition, Quartus Prime Settings File (.qsf) Definition, debug files, Memory Initialization File (.mif) Definition, constraint files, Programmer Object File (.pof) Definition, and SRAM Object File (.sof) Definition.

To open a source file for a file listed in the report, right-click the file name and select Open Source File.