Input File Properties Dialog Box

Table 1. Input File Properties Dialog Box (Programming File Generator). Allows you to specify options for bitstream authentication, co-signing, and encryption security. To access, select an .sof or .rbf in the Input files tab in the Programming File Generator, and click Properties.
Option Description
Bootloader Specifies an ASCII text file in Intel® hexadecimal format that contains configuration data for programming a parallel data source, such as a configuration device or a mass storage device. The parallel data source in turn configures an SRAM-based Intel device
Enable signing tool Enables the signing tool that checks for a required Privacy Enhanced Mail Certificates file (.pem) for the Private key file, and a Quartus Co-Signed Firmware file (.zip) for the Co-signed firmware.
Private key file Specifies the private .pem file required to sign the configuration bitstream when using the signing tool. If your .pem is password-protected, you are prompted to enter the password.
Co-signed firmware Specifies the firmware source (.zip) required to include the signed firmware in the configuration bitstream.
Finalize encryption Finalizes the configuration bitstream encryption.
Encryption key file Specifies the Encryption Key File (.qek) required to decrypt the configuration bitstream file.