Equivalent RAM and MLAB Paused Read Capabilities logic option

A logic option that controls whether a RAM block implemented in MLAB cells must have equivalent paused read behavior as the RAM block implemented in dedicated block RAM. Pausing a read operation allows you to keep the last read value even when reading is disabled; that is, RAM block outputs do not update even if the Fitter attempts to write to the current read address. For certain MLAB configurations, however, when the Fitter writes to a read address while reading is disabled, the RAM block outputs continue to update. Allowing differences in paused read behavior provides the Fitter more flexibility in implementing RAM blocks using MLAB cells. When set to Dont Care, the Fitter may place RAM blocks into MLAB cell locations, even if this placement results in different paused read behavior as compared to the equivalent dedicated block RAM implementation. Additionally, the Fitter generates a message notification of RAM blocks that may have different paused read behavior. When set to Care, the Fitter only places RAM blocks into MLAB cell locations if this results in equivalent paused read behavior as compared to a dedicated block RAM implementation. To allow the Fitter the most flexibility in determining which RAM blocks are implemented using MLAB cells, set the value to Dont Care.

Scripting Information

Keyword: block_ram_and_mlab_equivalent_paused_read_capabilities

Settings: care | dont care