VHDL-2019 Conditional Analysis User Definitions File

Specifies the .ini file that contains your user-defined conditional analysis identifier-value pairs.

Create the .ini file and specify the path in the File name field of the VHDL-2019 Conditional Analysis User Definitions File panel of the VHDL Input compiler settings page.

The format for the file is as follows:
  • One identifier="value" pair per line
  • Use ; or # characters to start line or trailing comments
  • Identifiers must follow the requirements for a basic identifier as specified by the VHDL standard:
    • It must start with a letter.
    • It must contain only alphanumeric and underscore ("_") characters.
  • Values must be surrounded by double quotes.
A line in the file with invalid syntax is ignored and generates a warning message. Lines that attempt to redefine the standard identifiers are ignored.
An example of a conditional analysis user definitions file is as follows:
USER_VAR2 = "xyz"

# line comment
; line comment
USER_VAR3 = "TEST" # trailing comment
USER_VAR4 = "lorem" ; trailing comment

USER_VAR5=";# comment characters in quotes are ignored"
Scripting Information

Keyword: vhdl_cond_analysis_user_defines_file

Settings: <file name>