Parameter Type Required Description
LPM_WIDTH Integer Yes

Width of data[], datab[], qa[], and qb[] ports.


Width of the addressa[] and addressb[] ports. LPM_WIDTHAD should be (but is not required to be) equal to LOG2(LPM_NUMWORDS). If LPM_WIDTHAD is too small, some memory locations will not be addressable. If it is too large, the addresses that are too high will return undefined (X) logic levels.


Number of words stored in memory. In general, this value should be (but is not required to be) 2 ^ LPM_WIDTHAD-1 < LPM_NUMWORDS <= 2 ^ LPM_WIDTHAD. If omitted, the default is 2 ^ LPM_WIDTHAD.

FILE String No

Name of the Memory Initialization File (.mif) Definition or Hexadecimal (Intel-Format) Output File (.hexout) Definition containing RAM initialization data ("<file name>"), or "UNUSED". If omitted, contents default to all 0s. The wea and web port must be registered to support memory initialization.

USE_EAB String No

Intel-specific parameter. Values are "ON", "OFF", and "UNUSED". The "ON" setting is not useful in memory functions: the Intel® Quartus® Prime software automatically implements memory functions in ESBs or EABs by default. This parameter is not available for simulation with other EDA simulators.